Latest Releases

1.2.0 (Beta 4)
20 July 2021

1.1.1 (Stable)
12 Mar 2021


Release 1.2.0 Beta 4

20 July 2021

  • Improved I/O support
    • Multiple instrument outputs with up to 64 channels (resolves #597)
      • Individual instrument outputs can be enabled/disabled and can be routed to track inputs
    • Each FX or instrument input/output channel can be enabled/disabled (resolves #130)
    • Multi-channel sidechains (>2 channels)
    • More flexible I/O channel mapping (resolves #608)
  • Improved mouse capture/replay (resolves #500, resolves #501)
  • Added options to enable/disable CoreDumps (resolves #544)
  • Minor UI fixes
  • Minor UI fixes

Release 1.2.0 Beta 3

05 May 2021

  • Improved automation support
    • Bidirectional parameter syncing between AG plugin and DAW as well as AG plugin and AG server.
    • Support for recording automation runs via plugin UI as well as the generic editor.
    • Enables rendering of parameter movements in the generic editor and the remote UI.
    • This should resolve #485.
  • Added “Keep Plugin UI Open” option
    • Allow the user to choose if the plugin UI should be opened automatically.
  • Fixed settings menu #511.
  • Minor UI fixes
  • Hide cached plugins with a disabled format
  • Fixed default I/O layout for plugin chains

Release 1.2.0 Beta 2

21 Apr 2021

  • Added an option for audio/MIDI transfer on play/rec only
    • Reverts back to 1.1 behaviour where audio and MIDI data gets transferred always
    • Resolves the issue of instruments only playing when the DAW is in replay/record mode
  • Resolved “DAW hanging” issue on Windows when the tray app is not installed correctly
    • Added error message to inform the user to fix the installation
  • Fixed Windows installer where the tray app was not installed correctly when upgrading from 1.1
  • Allow MIDI only instruments
  • Fixed AudioStreamer issue that could crash the plugin/DAW
  • Filter presets to match creation mode (FX, instrument, MIDI)
  • Simple idling of the screen worker for no capturing instead of running the capturing routine

Release 1.2.0 Beta 1

17 Apr 2021

  • NEW Sandboxing: Each AG plugin (chain) will run in a dedicated server process.
    • A  crashed remote plugin will only affect a single AG chain, rather than killing the entire server.
    • Complex sessions load much faster due to real parallel loading of remote plugins.
  • NEW Local mode: Improved UI experience when running server and DAW on the same computer. (Use this in combination with sandboxing to have multiple parallel plugin UIs!)
  • NEW Sidechain and multi-channel (16in/16out) support.
  • Improvements:
    • Plugin/Server handshake: True passive mode, all connections will be opened from the plugin to the server, which will allow a server to be behind a gateway and will simplify the network setup.
    • Added universal binaries for macOS.
  • NEW Presets:
    • Store/Load FX chains or instruments as presets.
    • Set an FX preset as default to be auto-loaded with a new AG plugin instance.
  • NEW Tray App:
    • Consolidating FX and Instrument plugins into one monitor window.
    • Support for reconnecting all plugins in one step.
  • NEW Automation assign/unassign all  command.
  • Improvements:
    • Always open a Plugin UI.
    • Use Generic Editor automatically when a plugin has no UI.
    • Improve UI contrast for activated insert.
    • Show the server address (IP) for multiple servers with same name.
  • Added close button for plugin windows.
  • Fix: Disable screen recording permission check for macOS 10.7

Release 1.1.1

12 Mar 2021

  • NEW Pro Tools AAX support on macOS (Intel) and Windows
  • Updated JUCE to 6.0.7 (this should resolve compatibility issues with macOS 10.7)

Release 1.1.0

29 Jan 2021

  • NEW selectable screen capturing quality settings
  • Make the splash screen fade out to make starting the server more recognisable
  • NEW UI zoom allows for resizing the plugin UI
  • NEW Fullscreen button to capture the full remote desktop
  • Improved plugin search (search by company/category, use space to separate multiple search terms)
  • Show the buffer size (blocks) in the plugin monitor to have a better view on the progress of changing the buffering setting
  • Fixed a race condition that could crash the DAW when loading a session
  • Fixed search window positioning on secondary screens

Release 1.1 Beta 11

18 Jan 2021

  • NEW macOS Big Sur support for Apple Silicon (arm64) – This is experimental as I don’t have the hardware and can’t test these builds!
  • Increased backwards compatibility of the plugin to macOS 10.7
  • Reduced dynamic dependencies of the linux build (via static linking)
  • Provide binaries without macOS/Windows installers as well
  • Upgraded JUCE to 6.0.5
  • For macOS: The code signing cert has changed, so you will have to re-grant the accessibility and screen recording permission to AG server.
  • Show server ID passed at the commandline in the settings
  • Added an option to enable/disable parallel loading of plugins (the default is OFF now, which slows down loading a large session by increasing stability hopefully)
  • Increased plugin ID backwards compatibility (should resolve #275)
  • NEW Plugin search
  • NEW Channel colors (supported by VST3 only)
  • Option to disable server side channel matching of remote plugins (enable this, if the AG plugin does not show all plugins)
  • Fixed I/O performance issue (fixes #257)

Release 1.1 Beta 10

06 Dec 2020

  • Remember window positions
  • Metrics improvements and fixes
  • Automatically clean up core dumps
  • Fixed black listing of plugins that crashed during the scan
  • Improved plugin bypass handling (added latency compensation)
  • Improved I/O layout handling
  • NEW Plugin Monitor: Show connection states and processing latencies of plugin instances
  • Settings sync updates remote plugin settings every 10s to avoid loosing them
  • Fixed bounds check in processBufferBypassed which could crash the host if called before updateLatency (should fix #229)
  • Minimized locking at audio processing time
  • Never loose audio chunks which should fix broken mixdown issues

Release 1.1 Beta 9

23 Nov 2020

  • NEW Plugin statistics window
  • Allow remote server restarts
  • Improved remote plugin loading code
  • Avoid any blocking network I/O
  • Relaxed CPU load updates to every 5 seconds and try to fetch them via mDNS rather than sending queries
  • Added a separate MIDI FX plugin to solve some cases where either the instrument or the MIDI plugin was not detected (fixes #177)
  • Added name suffixes to instrument and midi plugins to distinguish between them in hosts that show them side by side
  • Fixed bottom cut-off of plugin UIs (fixes #189)
  • Show error reason for plugin load failures
  • Add optional confirmation before deleting a remote insert plugin
  • Bug fixes
  • NEW Server statistics window
  • Allow server restarts
  • Aggregate CPU load over a few seconds
  • Updated plugin ID handling: reinstalled, moved or updated plugins should keep their ID’s which will make restoring DAW sessions more reliable (resolves #152)
  • Improved I/O layout matching at plugin initialization
  • Fixed recents list handling
  • Allow parallel plugin loading to improve session load times
  • Increased MJPEG quality on OSX
  • Skip the first few captured frames to avoid flickering when switching plugin UIs
  • Ask the user before killing the plugin scan
  • Window handling improvements (avoid always on top windows, but make sure to bring them to the front)
  • Bug fixes

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