Latest Releases

1.2.0 (Stable)
08 Mar 2023

1.1.1 (Old Stable)
12 Mar 2021


Release 1.2.0

08 Mar 2023

Major Changes from Version 1.1
  • Sandboxing to isolate plugins from the server process
  • Sidechain support
  • Multi-Channel support (up to 32 FX inputs and 2 sidechain inputs, up to 64 instrument outputs)
  • Multi-Mono support
  • Local-Mode (for use as a compatibility layer or CPU spreader)
  • Preset support to store/reload AG chains
  • AAX support for Apple ARM chips
  • Individual plugin buffer settings
  • Custom block sizes
  • Clipboard sharing and copy & paste support
  • IPv6 support
  • Realtime metrics in the plugin monitor
  • Experimental linux server support
Changes from the last pre-release
  • Improved window to front behaviour
  • Change audio thread prio to realtime using the new thread API
  • Added linux installers
  • Make it possible to save the buffer settings of a plugin as default
  • Improved channel activation UI
  • Stability fixes
  • NEW Experimental linux support
  • Fixed plugin preset support (fixes #1146)
  • Show the empty layouts cache warning only if the plugin cache is not empty
  • Fixed plugin stats
  • Stability fixes

Release 1.2.0 Beta 15

14 Oct 2022

  • NEW Added support for custom block sizes: This allows the use of larger block sizes than the host and might help with high latency chains.
  • Fixed a buffering issue that caused damage to the audio signal
  • Fixed automatic retries for chain sandbox load timeouts
  • Fixed reconnect loop issue when “bypass when not ready” was disabled
  • Fixed PDC issue when bypassing plugins
  • Stability fixes
  • Stability fixes

Release 1.2.0 Beta 14

24 Sep 2022

  • Improvements to the plugin monitor
  • Stability fixes
  • Performance improvements
  • Screen recording tweaks
  • NEW Added mouse offset correction support
  • Always add the default layout to plugins with no layout match
  • Removed scan timeout warning popup and improved timeout handling
  • Fixed an issue where a server with a new ID was inheriting the default UUID
  • Stability fixes

Release 1.2.0 Beta 13

09 Sep 2022

  • Improved server management (resolves #1014)
  • Added realtime/live mode (strict internal timeouts)
  • Added more plugin monitor metrics
  • Plugin search window improvements
  • Fixed a backwards compatibility issue (fixes #1008)
  • Stability fixes
  • NEW Added option to autostart multiple servers (resolves #998)
  • Improved scanning of multi-plugin shells
  • Minor improvements and stability fixes

Release 1.2.0 Beta 12

21 Aug 2022

  • Fixed AAX installer on Windows
  • Changed audio unit type of the FX plugin back to “effect” (This is to stay backwards compatible with v1.1 on Logic Pro.)

Release 1.2.0 Beta 11

18 Aug 2022

  • Added more values for manual PDC adjustments
  • Audio streamer fixes
    • Added missing bounds check that could lead to a crash
    • Fixed buffering for the midi plugin as it was loosing midi data
  • Fixed layout mapping for stereo effects (This solves the mono issues, that have been reported in beta 10.)
  • Improved the plugin scanner
    • Better error/timeout handling
    • Pick up scan results in case the master process dies during the scan

Release 1.2.0 Beta 10

06 Jul 2022

  • NEW Multi-Mono support (resolves #955)
  • Generate a unique server ID to allow for auto reconnects with IP/name changes – This improves session stability even when servers change their IP address.
  • Improved server error reporting in the plugin
  • NEW Allow plugin layouts to be selected
  • NEW Added option to use fixed output buffers
  • NEW Added tray option to reload all chains in “not loaded” state
  • NEW Added option to manually adjust the latency (PDC)
  • NEW Keep transferring audio when a plugin UI is open
  • Changed FX channel limits to 32 inputs + 2 sidechains
  • Fixed audio streamer issue with uneven buffer sizes (resolves #948)
  • Fixed AAX installation on windows
  • Fixed layout issue with the instrument plugin that prevented stereo outputs in Logic
  • Stability fixes
  • Improved plugin I/O management (layouts cache)
  • Delete plugin UIs only when the plugin unloads
  • Fixed plugin deactivation support (resolves #947)
  • Fixed performance issue in the processing measurement code
  • Stability fixes

Release 1.2.0 Beta 9

16 May 2022

  • NEW Added option to the instrument plugin to transfer audio only when MIDI notes are playing (resolves #941)
  • Improved instruments audio streaming (should fix some issues in logic that have been reported)
  • Reorganized and cleaned up plugin menus
  • Set the AAX category properly for the FX and Instruments plugin
  • Improved category submenus in the plugin search
  • Minor fixes
  • Try more I/O layouts when loading a plugin to enable as many channels as possible
  • Deactivated MJPEG video encoder
  • Fixed a plugin sandbox load issue: Handle plugins that report infinity for the tail seconds.
  • Fixed sandbox deletion on shutdown that could crash the server when rescanning
  • Fixed mouse position calculation on windows with scaling enabled
  • Fixed port check on macOS
  • Minor fixes

Release 1.2.0 Beta 8

05 May 2022

  • Fixed service receiver reachable issue:
    The server list was updated before checking the reachability and cleaned up afterwards. This could lead to the plugin triggering a reconnect. This issue materialized on Windows with ipv4 and ipv6 enabled.
  • Optimized local mode
    This change avoids flickering when opening a plugin UI by rendering it at the target position initially to avoid moving it and by waiting for editor creation in the worker thread.

Release 1.2.0 Beta 7

03 May 2022

  • NEW Use unix domain sockets for the communication between plugins, server and sandboxes:
    In the following cases we will prefer unix domain sockets over TCP for performance improvements:
    • A plugin connects to a server/sandbox with local mode enabled
    • Plugin communication with the tray application
  • Sandbox communication with the server in plugin isolation mode
  • NEW Added IPv6 support
  • NEW Clipboard sharing and Copy & Paste support
  • Improved window positioning with local mode enabled:
    Plugin windows are properly positioned by aligning to the DAW window size rather than the rendered editor space. This resolves issues with AG zoom enabled, if DAW plugin windows are larger than the AG editor itself and scaling on Windows.
  • Improved mDNS server detection:
    The plugin will perform connectivity checks before showing a server entry. Also, remote servers in local mode will not be shown anymore.
  • Fixed memory file access flags on windows, this could have led to loosing window positions
  • Fixed numpad support (resolves #938)
  • NEW Added an option to bypass the AG plugin when disconnected or not loaded (resolves #778)
  • NEW Added an option to keep the plugin window open on the server when closing the AG plugin in the DAW (resolves #710)
  • NEW Allow individual buffer settings by AG plugin
  • NEW Added tooltips to failed remote plugins that show the error string
  • Improved Plugin Monitor:
    • Added “not loaded” (yellow) state and error tooltips
    • Scrolling support
  • Improved AudioStreamer outbound buffering
  • Improved instrument bus/channel setup (mainly for Logic, enable more mono/stereo bus combinations)
  • Fixed a memory leak in processBlock
  • Fixed search window crashes
  • Fixed removal of failed remote plugins
  • NEW Sandbox mode – Plugin Isolation:
    In addition to isolating a plugin chain in a separate process, each loaded remote plugin will be isolated in its own sandbox process.
  • NEW ID based configurations:
    Multiple servers can be run on one computer using different IDs. Each server will have a dedicated config going forward. This allows for running x86 and arm servers on the same macOS instance using different plugin folders etc.
  • NEW Much faster plugin scans
  • NEW Multi-select actions (activate/deactivate/unban) in the plugin manager (resolves #892)
  • Try a few more channel layouts before falling back to the plugin default
  • Improved plugin ID (VST3) cross platform compatibility
  • Improved plugin UI bounds detection
  • Make sure plugin windows get positioned in the user area to avoid overlapping taskbars (resolves #671)
  • Show a warning with plugins that failed after scanning
  • Fixed a VST3 initialization bug
  • Fixed mouse position calculation in fullscreen mode
  • Fixed some memory corruption errors

Release 1.2.0 Beta 6

12 Oct 2021

  • Reduce trace file size to 5MB
  • Attach trace file to crash report if possible
  • Replaced asserts with sanity checks in channel mapper
  • Removed signal handlers as we have crash reporting now
  • NEW Added option to disable recents
  • Improved plugin monitor “hide” behaviour to avoid “flickering”
  • Fixed recents mechanism when tray is disabled
  • Fixed audio ring buffer offset issue
  • Fixed VST3 automation write support
  • Tray: Stop server gracefully and improved plugin connection
  • Make sure to stop all timers in the dtors
  • Fixed sandbox initialization bug
  • Log startup info about sandboxing and crash reporting
  • Distinguish between listener errors
  • Restore plugin state on the message thread
  • Removed traceScope calls from hideEditor
  • More error checks and debugging in prepareOutput of the screen recorder
  • Load/set plugin state on the message thread
  • Unset listener in AGProcessor::unload
  • Improved state tracking of audio and screen workers
  • Avoid handling key/mouse events if no editor is active

Release 1.2.0 Beta 5

20 Sep 2021

  • NEW AAX support for Apple M1 chips (Note: This is supposed to be in beta state from Avid as well!)
  • NEW crash reporting via sentry (see crash reporting privacy policy)
  • Allow a user to disable the plugin tray
  • Fixed plugin-bypass performance issue with increasing buffer sizes
  • Fixed midi plugin connection issue

Release 1.2.0 Beta 4

20 July 2021

  • Improved I/O support
    • Multiple instrument outputs with up to 64 channels (resolves #597)
      • Individual instrument outputs can be enabled/disabled and can be routed to track inputs
    • Each FX or instrument input/output channel can be enabled/disabled (resolves #130)
    • Multi-channel sidechains (>2 channels)
    • More flexible I/O channel mapping (resolves #608)
  • Improved mouse capture/replay (resolves #500, resolves #501)
  • Added options to enable/disable CoreDumps (resolves #544)
  • Minor UI fixes
  • Minor UI fixes

Release 1.2.0 Beta 3

05 May 2021

  • Improved automation support
    • Bidirectional parameter syncing between AG plugin and DAW as well as AG plugin and AG server.
    • Support for recording automation runs via plugin UI as well as the generic editor.
    • Enables rendering of parameter movements in the generic editor and the remote UI.
    • This should resolve #485.
  • Added “Keep Plugin UI Open” option
    • Allow the user to choose if the plugin UI should be opened automatically.
  • Fixed settings menu #511.
  • Minor UI fixes
  • Hide cached plugins with a disabled format
  • Fixed default I/O layout for plugin chains

Release 1.2.0 Beta 2

21 Apr 2021

  • Added an option for audio/MIDI transfer on play/rec only
    • Reverts back to 1.1 behaviour where audio and MIDI data gets transferred always
    • Resolves the issue of instruments only playing when the DAW is in replay/record mode
  • Resolved “DAW hanging” issue on Windows when the tray app is not installed correctly
    • Added error message to inform the user to fix the installation
  • Fixed Windows installer where the tray app was not installed correctly when upgrading from 1.1
  • Allow MIDI only instruments
  • Fixed AudioStreamer issue that could crash the plugin/DAW
  • Filter presets to match creation mode (FX, instrument, MIDI)
  • Simple idling of the screen worker for no capturing instead of running the capturing routine

Release 1.2.0 Beta 1

17 Apr 2021

  • NEW Sandboxing: Each AG plugin (chain) will run in a dedicated server process.
    • A  crashed remote plugin will only affect a single AG chain, rather than killing the entire server.
    • Complex sessions load much faster due to real parallel loading of remote plugins.
  • NEW Local mode: Improved UI experience when running server and DAW on the same computer. (Use this in combination with sandboxing to have multiple parallel plugin UIs!)
  • NEW Sidechain and multi-channel (16in/16out) support.
  • Improvements:
    • Plugin/Server handshake: True passive mode, all connections will be opened from the plugin to the server, which will allow a server to be behind a gateway and will simplify the network setup.
    • Added universal binaries for macOS.
  • NEW Presets:
    • Store/Load FX chains or instruments as presets.
    • Set an FX preset as default to be auto-loaded with a new AG plugin instance.
  • NEW Tray App:
    • Consolidating FX and Instrument plugins into one monitor window.
    • Support for reconnecting all plugins in one step.
  • NEW Automation assign/unassign all  command.
  • Improvements:
    • Always open a Plugin UI.
    • Use Generic Editor automatically when a plugin has no UI.
    • Improve UI contrast for activated insert.
    • Show the server address (IP) for multiple servers with same name.
  • Added close button for plugin windows.
  • Fix: Disable screen recording permission check for macOS 10.7

Release 1.1.1

12 Mar 2021

  • NEW Pro Tools AAX support on macOS (Intel) and Windows
  • Updated JUCE to 6.0.7 (this should resolve compatibility issues with macOS 10.7)

Release 1.1.0

29 Jan 2021

  • NEW selectable screen capturing quality settings
  • Make the splash screen fade out to make starting the server more recognisable
  • NEW UI zoom allows for resizing the plugin UI
  • NEW Fullscreen button to capture the full remote desktop
  • Improved plugin search (search by company/category, use space to separate multiple search terms)
  • Show the buffer size (blocks) in the plugin monitor to have a better view on the progress of changing the buffering setting
  • Fixed a race condition that could crash the DAW when loading a session
  • Fixed search window positioning on secondary screens

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