Bug Reports

If you have problems, find bugs or have questions, you can create a “help” discussion thread HERE and provide as much info as possible, see below.

Please do NOT create issue tickets on GitHub yourself! — After investigating and confirming a bug, we will create an issue ticket if needed. Thanks!

Please provide the following files when reporting a bug:

  • Log files of server and plugins
  • Trace files of server and plugins
  • Core dumps (if available)

Step by step

  • Report only one issue at a time, if you have multiple problems, please create multiple issues.
  • Minimize the log files:
    • Stop the server and the DAW
    • Wipe all AudioGridder log folders (server and plugins, see Diagnostics Locations).
    • Enable tracing (read more…). // This is important for analyzing issues.
    • Start the server.
    • Start the DAW.
    • Load only the minimal amount of plugins needed to run into the problem you have.
    • Take only the actions that lead to the problem you have.
  • Create zip archive(s) of
    • log folder(s)
    • core file (macOS/Linux, on Windows core files will be written to the log folders)
    • crash reports (on macOS, see Diagnostics Locations)
  • If the files you want attach are to large for an issue on GitHub, please follow Submitting Large Files.

Note: If you report a new issue, please be as precise as possible. To identify the root cause of an issue, it is necessary to be able to reproduce it or at least get some conclusions from the info you provide.


Version 1.1 introduced tracing support (extensive function call logging) to give better analysis possibilities in case AG crashes or hangs.

Tracing can be enabled while AG is running or via configuration file. Both the plugins and the server have tracing options in their respective settings.

To enable tracing via configuration file, you have to add/enable the following option:

"Tracer": true

The configuration files can be found under the following locations:

Create a Core Dump Manually

What to do, if my DAW does not respond or AG server just hangs?

In cases where your DAW just hangs, the AG plugin might have run into a deadlock. The same goes for AG server. To help investigate these kind of issues remotely, you can create a core dump of the hanging process. Please follow the steps below. To submit core files, please follow Submit Large Files.


Run the following commands in a terminal to create a core dump file named “coredump” in your HOME directory:

For AG Server:

lldb -p $(pgrep -f "AudioGridderServer -server") -o "process save-core coredump" -o exit

For a DAW like Logic (for other DAWs you have to replace “Logic” by the DAW process name):

lldb -p $(pgrep "Logic") -o "process save-core coredump" -o exit

Now compress the dump file:

bzip2 -z -9 $HOME/coredump
  1. Open the task manager
  2. Locate the hanging process (your DAW process, or AG server)
    Note: AG server always spawns two processes – a master process, and a server process. The one of interest is the server process. You can usually identify it by a higher thread count or bigger memory footprint.
  3. Create a dump file

Run the following command in a terminal:

sudo gcore $(pidof <DAW binary name>)


$ sudo gcore $(pidof ardour-5.12.0)
Saved corefile core.2032
[Inferior 1 (process 2032) detached]

Now compress the dump file:

bzip2 -z -9 core.2032